Windows 10: there’s a new task manager for those who play!


The Windows Task Manager allows you to check applications, services and processes that are running on your computer. However, you can also use this Windows 10 tool to stop programs from running. However, it doesn’t always work very well when trying to access within games and certain apps.

Windows 10: there’s a new task manager for those who play!

So Microsoft is working on a more modern Task Manager that will help you access informational statistics about system performance and the graphics card. This without having to leave the game or even stop working.

The new task manager for Windows 10 is integrated into the XBOX game bar and works within both applications and games, including Google Chrome or Edge.

Windows task manager

The official name of this new system is called the Resource Checker. It was released last month. This is part of an update for insiders. Less than three weeks later, this feature finally appeared for everyone. Of course, it is necessary to update the Xbox Game Bar from the Microsoft Store.

Some users of Windows 10 are already receiving this update. More specifically, who has version 2004, 1909 or version 1903. It seems to be a gradual update so some people should only receive it in November.

As you can see in the image, this Windows 10 system basically allows you to monitor programs that use a lot of features and that may be running in the background and affecting game performance.

Thus, the homepage of the widget allows you to find a list of processes (program instances) running and the use of the system. In the meantime, you can click on a button to end a process. However, remember that ending a process will cause you to lose data.

However, to access this system, you must use the Win + G key combination.

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