With 2,000 people waiting for mammography, City Hall starts October Pink campaign


The Pink October Campaign promoted by the Municipal Health Secretariat begins this October (17) and runs until October 31. On these days, consultations and exams will be intensified, and on October 24, it will be D-Day of activities, with collective effort. service at Alcides Carneiro Hospital and Health Center. Other health units will also provide care during the days of the campaign.

The main objective of the campaign is to meet the demand formed by the interruption of services caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Most of the queue of patients for mammography exams, according to the City Hall, was formed in the last six months, between March and September this year, when all exams were suspended due to security measures for coping with COVID- 19 in the city.

The Federal and State Public Ministries have been monitoring the situation of resumption of elective care in the municipality. At the last meeting, held between the Ministries and the City Hall, the Health Secretariat reported that there were 2,000 people on the waiting list for the mammogram. During the suspension period, only cancer tests were being performed – all screening tests were suspended. According to the health department, many people miss appointments and tests, which also makes it difficult to care for other patients.

Between October 17th and 31st, mammography, radiology, transvaginal ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and preventive collection will be performed at the HAC. On the 24th of October, the D-Day of the campaign, actions at the Health Center will provide assistance for the collection of preventive, gynecology, nutrition, psychology, dentistry, orientation of physical activities and rapid tests for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis. All consultations will be scheduled and will have a minimum interval of 30 minutes in order to avoid agglomerations and clean and sanitize the offices.

In the opinion of the municipality’s health secretary, Fabíola Heck, the actions are extremely important for the city. “We have actions annually that make a difference in the daily lives of the population. We always work together with APPO, precisely so that there is a strengthening of assistance, consultations and exams. The campaign is able to speed up the attendance of many women and, this year, it will collaborate even more with the progress of the lines formed due to the stoppage imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. I take the opportunity to ask you heartily so that the population does not miss exams. Many women get in touch, schedule exams and miss the day without any prior notice, which ends up compromising the progress of the appointments and taking other people’s turn. ”

According to the Department of Health, consultations will be held in all Health Units, such as Family Health Posts, Basic Health Units, Health Center and Outpatient Clinic of the Hospital Alcides Carneiro. The work on adapting the new digital mammograph at the Health Center began on the 13th, and is expected to be delivered in November.

According to the president of the Petropolitan Association of Oncological Patients (APPO), Ana Cristina Mattos, the support of the municipality is essential for the development of the work. “We are very grateful for this partnership that is always made between the city and APPO, mainly during the actions of the Outubro Rosa Campaign. These are actions that certainly help many people and show the high level of health in the city ”.

Check below all the dates and actions planned for the October Pink 2020 Campaign in the municipality

Mutirão at the Health Center:

October 24th (D-Day)

– Forecast for collecting 100 preventives

– Active search for missing cervical pathology (pre-cancer lesions)

– Gynecology care

– Nutrition care

– Dental care

– Psychology care

– Rapid tests for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis

– Physical activity guidelines with educators

Mutirão at Alcides Carneiro Hospital:

October 17th

– Mammography exams (24 exams scheduled)

October 20th

– Total of 30 radiology exams, between 5pm and 9pm

– Transvaginal ultrasound, mammography and MRI exams

October 24th (D-Day)

– Preventive exams with the support of 3 nurses

– Total 24 mammography appointments

October 27

– Transvaginal ultrasound, mammography and magnetic resonance exams (total of 30 to 40 exams, 12 of which are scheduled for mammography)

October 31

– Total 24 mammography appointments

Health Units in operation on October 24 (D-Day) / 8 am to 5 pm:

– Rich village

– Jardim Salvador

– Withdrawal

– Castle

– Vila Felipe

– Secretary

– Castelo São Manoel

– Baby Jesus

– Moinho Preto

– São João Batista

– Holy Trinity

– Alto Siméria

– Secretary

– English farm

– Beautiful waters

– Road II

– Machado Fagundes

– UBS Morin / Retiro / Itamarati / Mosela / Quitandinha / Pedro do Rio / Araras

– To be able to 1, 2 out of 3

– Alto da Serra I, II, III e IV

– Carangola II

– Carangola Valley

– Vila Saúde

– Amazonas

– Thouzet

– Caxambu

– Saint Elizabeth

– White Stones

– Castrioto

– Battler

– Moselle

– Campo do Lusitano


– Valley of the Vines

– May 24th


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