With 21 new dengue cases, Campinas has 3,901 infected residents in the year | Campinas and Region


The balance sheet takes into account the period between January 1 and October 14. As in previous bulletins, the region with the highest number of cases is the Northwest, where 1,077 people have already been infected. Just behind, comes the Southwest region, with 1,057 confirmations. See the chart below for the distribution of cases by region.

Dengue cases in Campinas (SP) in 2020

See the number of confirmed cases in each region of the metropolis.

Source: City Hall of Campinas

In a note, the city emphasizes that the participation of the population is essential to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, adopting measures such as avoiding the accumulation of water and removing cans, tires and other objects, changing the water in plant pots every two days, periodically cleaning the gutters and checking that the water tanks are well sealed.

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In addition, the administration reinforces that it continues to carry out dengue control and prevention.

“Between January 1 and September 30 of this year, 553,079 properties were visited by Health teams to control breeding sites. In the same period, 171.803 properties located in areas with transmissions were fogged”, he says.

However, this number could be higher, since a survey carried out by the city government revealed at the end of September that, on average, health workers are barred in 6 out of 10 homes visited in Campinas.

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