With bad sequence in the Brazilian Championship, Botafogo evaluates manager change | boot


The pressure on Paulo Autuori is not just the scolding of fans on social networks. Internally, Botafogo evaluates the change of technical command amid the sequence of bad results in the Brazilian Championship.

Paulo Autuori in Botafogo x Bahia – Photo: André Durão

Managers analyze the decision and intend to talk to the coach this Thursday, at Nilton Santos, in the re-presentation of the squad after the defeat by Bahia. There is no hammer hit on the change. It is possible for the coach to leave the club, but there is also the possibility of transferring to a management position.

+ Autuori evaluates defeat for Bahia: “Horrible game”

– I feel comfortable anywhere, any circumstance, any time and in front of anyone. Because for me things are that way, clear as water. So, there is no favorable or unfavorable moment, no good or bad circumstances, no people and neither places where I don’t feel comfortable. I always feel comfortable because I am at ease with life. I don’t have a tail stuck with anything or anyone and I can walk under any circumstances with my head up – said the coach on Wednesday.

Autuori has sometimes spoken publicly that his coaching career in Brazil was practically over. The exception was made to Botafogo out of gratitude, but with future plans after the consolidation of the S / A project, which has not yet left the paper. In the last Brazilian clubs, Fluminense and Santos, he was a manager.

The board is pressured by the fans due to the sequence of nine games without winning in the Brazilian Championship. The only victory in the competition was in the fourth round, against Atlético-MG, at home. With the defeat of this Wednesday, the team fell to the second place, with 11 points, and the last placed, Goiás, has three games less.


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