With his belly out, Tati Zaqui makes a good impression on the internet


Tati Zaqui (PHOTO: Reproduction / Instagram)

Tati Zaqui again raised the mood on social networks, this Friday afternoon (16). At the time, the funkeira stole the show by releasing a very hot video, showing her dry and well defined tummy.

“I posted and ran out,” she wrote in the publication’s caption, which was viewed more than 100,000 times, until the closing of this article. In addition, the praise for the beauty was diverse.

“That waist ends with me, for God’s sake, what a perfect woman,” praised one guy. “Wow, I can’t take all this beauty, it’s too much for me,” said the second person.

Tati, you can always stir me up and dominate my thoughts, ave maria ”, complained the last one. It is worth mentioning that, recently, the beauty also sensualized on the web, wiggling in a very bold video.

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