With low adherence, vaccination campaign will be reinforced this Saturday


This Saturday (17), from 8 am to 5 pm, D-Day of the Multivaccination and Against Polio Campaigns will be held, in the 43 health units in the Municipality and also in the mobile unit that is parked on the Avenida Brasil boardwalk, in front of the Cathedral , in the Center of Cascavel.

According to the preliminary balance of the PMI (Municipal Immunization Program), the immunization data is very low, since the campaign has already passed half. Of the more than 16.6 thousand children who are within the age range of the polio vaccination profile, 2,290 were immunized, that is, just over 13% of the small children received protection.

In total, the PMI also points out that 6.5 thousand doses of other vaccines were applied in the Multivaccination action and about 3.3 thousand evaluations of the vaccination portfolios.

In Cascavel, immunization was anticipated, starting on September 28 and will end on October 30.


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