With the second wave of the pandemic, football can stop again in Europe


Cristiano Ronaldo has been infected with the coronavirus and will miss Juventus for the next two weeks. The Italian team’s last game, by the way, didn’t even happen because Napoli presented two positive cases of Covid-19 in the squad and was banned by the Italian authorities from traveling to Turin.

Tottenham also experienced a similar situation. At the end of last month, he qualified for the round of 16 of the English League Cup because Leyton Orient had an outbreak of the disease and cannot go to the field. And the preliminary phase of the new Champions season registered two WOs due to virus contamination.

The worsening of the second wave of the pandemic in Europe has put the world’s most powerful football on alert. There are already discussions about the possibility of some championships being paralyzed more to slow this new growth in the number of cases.

Of the first-tier countries of the ball, Italy has taken this idea more seriously. Last Tuesday, the country recorded its highest daily number of new infections (5,901, with 41 deaths) since the end of March.

Much of Calcio’s first division roster has seen positive tests in recent weeks. Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, another of the competition’s top stars, missed Milan in his last four engagements because of Covid-19.

At the end of last month, the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” published that the league that organizes the Italian Serie A was considering interrupting the championship for two weeks due to the proliferation of cases among the players.

The stoppage of professional football, at least for the time being, has not yet happened, but the naked games between friends and amateur competitions in any contact sport were again banned by the government.

According to the agency Ansa, Italy is also considering creating a bubble system (similar to the one used last season in the NBA, in which all players stayed and worked at the Disney complex) to enable the continuation of at least its first division .

France and the United Kingdom are two other high-ranking European football countries that have hardened their measures to contain the pandemic on a daily basis and may soon have to take some new action related to sporting events.

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday declared a curfew in the Paris metropolitan region and eight other major cities in the country. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, has again restricted the operation of pubs, bars where fans usually gather to follow the games of their teams at heart.

The 2019/20 season of European football was seriously hampered by the coronavirus. Some national championships, such as the French and the Dutch, were simply closed earlier in March. Most, however, went all the way, but came to a standstill for three months.

With games canceled or played without the presence of fans and commercial agreements not being fulfilled, the football world has accumulated financial losses that have not yet been properly calculated.

But an x-ray of Mercado da Bola helps to understand the size of this damage. While the 2019/20 global transfer window handled € 7 billion (R $ 45.8 billion) in player purchase and loan deals, this season’s € 4.1 billion (R $ 26, 8 billion).


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