Withdrawals of up to R $ 2,090 from PIS / Pasep and FGTS; See who receives


New withdrawals of benefits were released by the federal government. They are: the Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), in the emergency modality, and the salary allowance PIS / Sep referring to the 2018 and 2019 calendars. The sum of the two benefits can result in up to R $ 2,090. The measure is part of the economic package to face the crisis caused by the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Check now more details about the Emergency FGTS and the PIS / Pasep salary bonus:

Emergency FGTS

The Emergency FGTS is intended for workers who have a balance in active and inactive accounts in the fund. The release calendar follows the person’s month of birth.

There are two different calendars for the benefit, the first for depositing money in social savings and the other for withdrawals and transfers. Check out:

With the money made available in Caixa social savings, it is possible to pay slips, use a debit card for online purchases and even the QR code.

PIS / Pasep subscription

The PIS / Pasep allowance is intended for people who worked in the year 2018 and 2019 with a formal contract. The amount to be received varies according to the person’s working time in the base year. Thus, those who have been in exercise for 12 months receive R $ 1,045. It is worth noting that PIS is paid to employees of a private company, by Caixa Econômica Federal, while Pasep is paid to civil servants, through Banco do Brasil.

In addition, the 2018 calendar has only been reopened for a specific group, but it is not common for this to happen. In this case, to receive, it is necessary that the person complies with all the rules of the program and has not yet withdraw the benefit.

Check the Abono PIS / Pasep calendar.

Born inReceive from
July​16/07/2020 (Released)
August​18/08/2020 (Released)
September​15/09/2020 (Released)

To receive the allowance, it is necessary that the person has been registered with PIS / Pasep for at least five years, receiving, on average, up to two minimum wages in the base year.

In addition, the worker must have exercised formal activity for at least 30 days and have the data correctly informed in the Annual List of Social Information (RAIS).

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