Without bureaucracy and annuity, credit card Caixa approves negative results


The credit card Simple Box is a product offered by Caixa Econômica Federal. The service is aimed at the public of policyholders of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) over 75 years of age seeking exclusive benefits and security during transactions with the tool.

The product has the same facilities as conventional credit cards, whether for purchases in physical stores or over the internet, both in Brazil and abroad. The main difference is in the ease of registering part of the invoice. Under the payroll loan modality, the margin of 5% is automatically discounted from the benefit sheet.

Why choose the Caixa Simples card?

To start, Caixa Simples is free of charge. That is, it does not have that monthly usage charge. There is only a fee of R $ 15 referring to the issuance of the card, paid only once. The amount can even be paid in up to 3x in the invoice. According to the state-owned company, the contractor will be responsible only for spending on purchases.

In the case of contracting, there is no consultation with the SPC or Serasa, being available for negatives. Another advantage is seen in interest rates, considered up to 3x lower than those of a conventional card. To give you an idea, the service charges only 2.85% per month for those who use the rotary.

Cash card benefits

Those who request Caixa Simples can convert up to 95% of the credit limit into cash in the account. For this, the user must request the advantage at the time of hiring. On the amount, revolving interest + IOF is charged from the day of credit to the day of payment of the invoice.

Revolving interest is applied on top of the remaining amount of the previous invoice, if it has not been paid in full, with an additional one. However, that amount is always less than the debt amount. The Tax on Credit, Exchange and Insurance Operations (IOF), on the other hand, is a tax on credit, foreign exchange and insurance operations and operations related to bonds and securities.

With the card, the user has technical assistance specialized in small domestic repairs, such as electrical and hydraulic overhauls, installation of shelves, curtains and blinds and cleaning of the water tank, which can be activated up to three times a year. Also, through Club Elo Mania Caixa, has access to various products and services with discounts by the bank.

As for the invoice, it is completely digital and forwarded to the registered email. The user can consult it on the App Cartão Caixa, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking Caixa. And it can be paid at self-service terminals, online, lottery or through the banking network.

How to hire

Before hiring, the interested party must check if they have debts with Caixa. If so, it is necessary to regularize them. The Caixa Simples Card is available at all branches in Brazil. To ensure this, the interested party must appear at his agency, with ID, CPF, proof of residence and INSS benefit statement.

Learn more about Caixa Simples in some of the institution’s service channels:

  • Caixa Cards Service Center;
  • Capitals and metropolitan regions – 4004-9009;
  • Other locations – 0800 940 9009;
  • SAC Caixa – 0800 726 0101;
  • Caixa Ombudsman – 0800 725 7474;
  • For people with hearing or speech impairment – 0800 882 2492; and
  • For calls made from abroad 55 61 2106 0999 (collect).

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