Without post-party memories, Lidi pees in the room and pawns are punished


Lidi Lisboa caused after the “Likes” party that happened yesterday in “A Fazenda 2020”. After asking for a kiss and squeezing the genital of youtuber Lucas Maciel, the actress went to her room and urinated on the floor during the night. As a result, pedestrians were punished with 24 hours without water.

Upon waking up, Lidi went to ask Jakelyne Oliveira what happened and the model explained that the awakened pawns heard the punishment by some participant who made their physiological needs in a not very appropriate place.

We came to the conclusion that someone, yesterday, got up in the middle of the night and peed in the middle of the room. We can’t find out [quem fez] that.

In another moment, the actress is talking to Mariano, who comments on other facts of the night – like a bump that she gave on the wall of the house – and Lidi says she does not remember.

Are you sure it was me [que bateu a cabe├ža na parede]?

With the punishment, the doubt arose who was responsible for the escape from the bathroom. And Lidi, even with a weak memory, suspects that she is the villain of the story.

Could it be me who made the pee? Likely? People! But it had a bathroom!

Lipi still questions the paoa if she had already done her needs on the floor again, she replies no and complements.

I may have peed the bed. Sometimes I dream that I’m peeing, I’m tight and ‘oh, I’ve done it in bed’. I may have done it in bed, in the middle of the room it is not possible.

When the crowd reinforces that the punishment is 24 hours without water, Lidi says:

Who was? Let’s break this person!

Lidi is caught lifting her pants after peeing on the floor

Image: Reproduction

Well, maybe it’s ideal for her to calm down and wait to have a look at VT when she leaves the house.


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