Woman drugged colleague for nine months in hopes of getting her fired


For nine months, Italian Mariangela Cerrato (53) doped down her closest colleague.

It was after hearing rumors of job cuts in the company, that she decided to do what she could to get her colleague fired.

Fearing losing her job, she came up with the idea of ​​tampering with her colleague’s morning coffee.

During the daily coffee break, she filled her colleague’s cappuccino with medication that caused both fatigue, dizziness, muscle pain and headaches, writes Sky News.

However, it took nine months and another car crash before the colleague sensed owls in the bog.

Suddenly suspected

When the victim was on her way home from work, she drove straight into a tree.

The doctors could not get to the bottom of what was wrong with her, and she therefore began to think about what could be the cause herself.

Since she never felt bad at home, only when she was in the office, she began to suspect.

The suspicion was strengthened when she realized that her colleague Cerrato always encouraged her to drink coffee.

– Come on, I can get you a coffee. What damage can it do? she allegedly said, according to Sky News.

The victim continued to say yes to the coffee, but at the same time kept a small splash in secret.

When the coffee was tested, it turned out that it contained an “extremely high” dose of benzodiazepine, which is a drug that is used for epileptic seizures, acute anxiety and temporary sleep problems.

She alerted the police, who then took Cerrato by surprise as she put the powder in the coffee cup.

Should recruit

The colleague kept the job, while Cerrato received a prison sentence of four years.

However, she denied having doped the coffee, and her lawyer says she will appeal the verdict, Sky News reports.

The insurance company the women worked for, stated afterwards that they had no plans to dismiss employees during the period the poisoning took place.

On the contrary, they were in the process of hiring more.


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