Woman interrupts (husband’s) marriage in Zambia. And there are images


Abraham Do you was caught by his current wife, Caroline Mubita, when he was at the altar trying to marry someone else. The wife burst into the church and ended the ceremony. Do you e Mubita have three children in common.

The images of the moment were shared on social networks and are now news in the four corners of the world. The Zambian Observer, an English-language country newspaper, tells Abraham Do you left home on the 12th of Octobertelling the woman he was going to work. Caroline found out what was going on because she was alerted by the neighbors.

The ‘other’ was aware that Do you he was married and had another family.

Since bigamy is a crime in Zâmbia, the man can now face up to seven years in prison.

See, in the gallery above, the moment when Caroline Mubita ‘spoil’ the link.

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