woman is rescued after spending a year and a half arrested by her husband in the bathroom


A woman was rescued after spending a year half locked in the bathroom by her husband in India. Mother of 3 children, she was found, on Tuesday (13), with her legs too weak to walk, but she was conscious and was taken to a hospital.

Naresh Kumar, the husband, claimed that the 18 months spent in an 81-square-inch bathroom were at the woman’s own will. “She was mentally unstable. We asked her to come outside, but she didn’t come. We took her to the doctor, but there was no improvement in her condition.”

The rescue reports, however, indicate the opposite. Rajni Gupta, representative of the women’s protection secretariat, was the one who took the police to the scene. According to him, the woman was found lying in the bathroom and in very bad condition.

During the investigation, it became clear that the woman was forced to live in subhuman conditions with her husband, depriving her of eating and drinking water for days. “She ate eight chapatis when we gave her food,” Gupta told the Hindustan Times.

The claims of dementia, made by the husband, were disregarded for lack of documents proving psychiatric treatment. Gupta also spoke to the woman, who identified her family members by name. “They say she is mentally unstable, but it is not true,” said the official.

Married to the suspect for 17 years, the woman has three children with him, aged 11 to 15 years. After the rescue she was taken to a hospital and from there she will be taken care of by the family, at the home of a cousin.

Due to the lack of concrete elements in the story told, the husband was taken to jail. An investigation based on crimes of domestic cruelty and private imprisonment was opened against him.


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