Woman takes dead elderly man to perform proof of life at bank branch


A 92-year-old man was taken dead for agency Banco do Brasil’s Campinas. The case occurred on October 2, at Rua Doutor Costa Aguiar, in the central region of the city. According to preliminary information from the Civil Police investigation, the 58-year-old woman took the elderly proof of life for continuing to receive retirement. She is being investigated for the crime of exposing a corpse and a social security fraud.

The suspect entered the agency with the elderly man’s body in a wheelchair. “At one point she started screaming, saying that he was feeling sick”, says the chief delegate of the 1st DP of Campinas, Cícero Simão da Costa.

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An ambulance was requested and the rescue found that the man had no pulse. “But the [paramédico] who answered it suspected that this man had died a few hours ago ”. The elderly man, who is a former police clerk, was even taken to a hospital.

“We are waiting for the necroscopic report to find out if he died at the time [dentro da agência] or was taken dead. The report [informou] that he had passed away 12 hours before joining the agency ”, says Costa.

The woman had lived with the elderly man for ten years and was responsible for looking after his pension, according to the police. A police inquiry was launched to investigate the case. “She said she did not know that the man was dead and that the last contact with him was the night before.”

The woman and the corpse were accompanied by a couple at the agency. “We are seeing if this couple has a stake or thought they were just helping.”

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