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The woman who took a dead elderly man to the bank to try to withdraw his retirement on October 2, in Campinas (SP), was indicted by the Civil Police for attempted fraud and vilification (disrespect) of the corpse.

Josefa de Souza Mathias, 58, was heard in the 1st Police District (DP) on Friday (16) and, according to the Civil Police, denied any crime. However, in the face of evidence gathered throughout the day, the delegate decided to indict the accused.

According to the Civil Police, witnesses were heard, such as the neighbor who accompanied Josefa to the bank, as well as the head of security at the bank branch and the doorman of the building where the elderly man lived.

The 1st DP team also informed that officiated Banco do Brasil to obtain images of the security circuit on the day of the facts.

THE G1 tried to contact the accused by phone, but was unsuccessful.

Examination indicates that elderly man was taken dead to a bank branch in Campinas (SP)

The case took place at a Banco do Brasil unit on October 2. According to the police report, Josefa de Souza Mathias claimed to the bank that he had lost the letter password of his partner’s account, Laércio Della Colleta, a 92-year-old retired clerk and widower. Therefore, the bank said it was necessary to go to the branch to do the proof of life as a security measure.

Upon arriving at the agency, in an attempt to speed up service, the woman said the man was feeling ill, and firefighters were called in to help him. That was when they found that the elderly person was not only dead, but the death would have occurred some time ago.

Campinas Civil Police hears at least two statements this Friday – Photo: Johnny Inselsperger / EPTV

According to the police report, the Fire Department and the doctor from the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) noticed that he was in cadaveric condition and with swelling in his feet.

The director of the São Paulo Interior Judicial Police Department (Deinter 2), José Henrique Ventura, stated that the necroscopic report pointed out that the elderly man had been dead for 12 hours when he was taken to the agency.

Upon realizing the situation, the team informed the Municipal Guard, which was close to the agency. This, in turn, triggered the Military Police, which took the woman to the 1st Police District to record the occurrence. The elderly man’s body was buried the next day.

Case will be investigated by the 1st DP of Campinas – Photo: EPTV Reproduction

What Banco do Brasil says

In a note, Banco do Brasil informs that “it has complied with all the protocols provided for in the service provision contract with the paying source”.

The institution also stated that there were no pending issues with the beneficiary’s account, “just the lack of credentials to access the account and make the withdrawal” and, therefore, his presence at the agency was necessary.

“Banco do Brasil works to mitigate the risk of fraud in the payment of social security benefits with measures such as customer identification by means of passwords, cards and biometrics. BB also clarifies that the occurrence registered at one of its branches in Campinas, São Paulo, was not related to the INSS ‘proof of life.

In this case, the Bank complied with all the protocols provided for in the service provision contract with the paying source, which includes the requirement of a power of attorney or the presence of the beneficiary at the agency “.

VIDEOS: EPTV 1 this Friday


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