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Research by online recruitment company Catho shows that women in leadership positions as managers and directors earn, on average, 23% less than men.

The survey, carried out with 10,000 people, also points out that the salary is uneven at other hierarchical levels, such as supervisor / coordinator (-15%) and analyst (-35%). The exception occurs in the position of assistant / auxiliary, in which women usually receive 2% more than men. see below:

Wage difference between women and men by hierarchical level – Photo: G1 Economy

The survey also shows that remuneration is uneven across all levels of education. Female professionals with a higher degree, such as postgraduate, MBA or specialization, receive up to 47% less than men. see below:

Wage difference by education level – Photo: Economy G1

“The data show that gender pay inequality is still very latent and requires genuine efforts by companies. The path certainly begins with the debate, but we need more concrete actions and policies for insertion and equal conditions, so that it is possible to effectively solve this great social problem ”, highlights Patricia Suzuki, Catho’s People and Management director.

The data were released on the eve of the Chief’s Day, celebrated this Friday (16). Also known as National Boss Day or Bosses Day, Boss Day came in 1958, in the United States.

The objective of the research at this time, according to Catho, is to discuss the importance of female representation in senior leadership positions. “Although the feminine article ‘a’ is increasingly accompanied by the word boss, thanks to advances in the debate on gender equity, the balance of spaces and rights in the labor market are still far from ideal”, highlights the recruitment company .

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