Women’s March makes noise for US elections | International


A month after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, thousands of protesters took to the streets of major US cities on Saturday to honor her and protest against conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is about to fill Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. . Organizers have announced more than 400 protests across the country, including New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

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Donald Trump’s candidate is a fervent Catholic against abortion that irritates pro-choice activists. Barrett defended that, if confirmed, his religion will not interfere in the decisions taken in the main body of Justice. The 48-year-old magistrate belongs to a conservative Christian faith group known as People of Praise, in which among its hierarchical roles are the “created” ones. The denomination gained strength from 2017, when the series was launched O Account from Aia, based on Margaret Atwood’s book. The writer said she was inspired by a “different, but similar” group to which the magistrate belongs.

“This episode of The Tale of Aia stinks,” read on the posters of women who left on Saturday to protest in Washington. Several wore red capes and white caps, like the characters in Atwood’s dystopia, which has become a feminist symbol. Jasmine Clarence, from Baltimore, listened to Barrett’s hearings this week on the Senate Justice Committee. “It was clear to me that if it is confirmed, it will remove my right to abort,” he said.

The Supreme Court established in 1973 that the Constitution guaranteed the right to terminate a pregnancy. During the Trump administration, however, an increasing number of conservative states tried to hinder access to abortion, with the aim of getting the Supreme Court back to ruling. With Barrett’s potential confirmation, the balance of the nine judges will tip the conservatives, something that many see as a threat to women’s fundamental rights.

Jennifer Liston-Smith, a member of Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides low-income women with sexual and reproductive health services, asked on stage thousands of participants – mostly white women – to vote on November 3. “We cannot allow this Government to take away our rights. Republican senators cannot remain in office when they steal seats in the Supreme Court, ”he said.

Judge Ginsburg left in writing before she died that she wished she was the next president to choose her replacement, a wish that the White House ignored. The Senate will vote on Barrett’s confirmation on Thursday.

Four years ago, shortly after Trump was elected, millions of protesters took to the streets to protest in the so-called Women’s March. The initial strength has been waning on the streets since then. Rachel Carmona clarifies that she has not disappeared. “We are the ones who run for more seats in the 2018 legislative elections and the ones who vote to break a representation record.” The more than 429 marches in the 50 states seek to be another impetus for them to return to the polls and make history again.


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