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(Haugesund-Sarpsborg 08 2-0) Haugesund turned the adversity after 1-5 fade against Start and took an important step away from the bottom battle. They can only thank for the guests’ gift packages.

Because after it has looked extremely dark for Haugesund, and become a team that messed up against the relegation battle, it turned towards Sarpsborg.

It happened after the goals have cleared into their own net for the team of Haugesund coach Jostein Grindhaug. There had been 13 setbacks in the four previous matches and especially bad was the 1-5 loss against Start in the previous match.

But against strong Sarpsborg who had not conceded a goal in four games, there was a ketchup effect for a home team in need of points. After 90 minutes, the team had not conceded a goal at the same time as they took three points and placed 10th in the table.

– It was embarrassing last weekend and it was nice to fight back in front of 600 men. It was a little less empty blue and white seats than usual, says Kristoffer Velde to Eurosport.

The downturn recently, however, was reversed after extremely good help from the away team, who were very disappointed after the loss.

– We create extremely few goal chances. We have some half chances, it is not good enough, says Sarpsborg coach Mikael Stahre to Eurosport.

TURNED BAD TREND: Haugesund was in need of points, but it turned around Photo: Jan Kåre Ness

Then it became even more difficult when both 1-0 and then 2-0 were pure gift packages from Sarpsborg who were far from as stingy as they have been with four games without conceding a goal. Against Haugesund, it slipped to the degree of its own mistakes.

Only when the away team’s Gaute Vetti headed the corner from Kristoffer Velde in his own goal just before the break.

– It is only fourteen days since we scored two own goals so we do some ourselves as well. But it may have something to do with the dead balls, that the serves are so good that there is pressure in goal, says Haugesund coach Jostein Grindhaug after the victory.

But the gift packages it did not stop there. Sarpsborg goalkeeper David Mitov Nilsson has received a lot of praise lately after Sarpsborg has become very stingy. But he will hardly get that after the match against Haugesund. After 47 minutes of play, the free-spirited Bjørn Inge Utvik decided to go for goal as he struck the ball from the corner of the pitch.

The total lack of communication led to Nilsson instead of clinking the ball far out, when Haugesunds Wadji chased the ball, the away team gave a pocket of a ball out to the right to Niklas Sandberg. He showed a good overview when the goalkeeper was on a whim and exposed the goal. He stepped through to Kristoffer Velde who stood out as the man of the match when he put the ball easily in goal.

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And it could have been worse for Sarpsborg. For Nilsson was about to mess it up again later in the round when he completely unpressurized created big problems for himself, but at the last minute managed to clean up the mistake himself.

In the end, the match ended without the guests from Sarpsborg finding out and had to leave the field disappointed.

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