World of Warcraft subscription suffers price drop in Brazil


On the eve of the launch of the expansion Shadowlands, a Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the value of World of Warcraft had a reduction in value in Brazil.

Not only that, starting this week, the Brazilian public will have the option of recurring subscription with automatic renewal in reais, no longer in dollars and, therefore, without charging extra taxes such as IOF or conversion in the exchange rate.

With the fall in value, Blizzard starts to charge: R $ 32 per month in a monthly plan; R $ 87 in a quarterly plan; and R $ 149 on a semiannual plan.

To celebrate the drop in prices, whoever pays for the 6-month plan will receive the visual package as a bonus Darting Wings, which can be seen below:

The set can also be purchased separately and given as a gift. The promotion runs until December 13.

Originally scheduled for October 27, Shadowlands has been postponed, but Blizzard says the expansion will reach WoW later this year.


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