World Stroke Day. Know the 3 ‘F’ and recognize the main cause of death


Eth thursday, the 29th of October, marks World Stroke Day (Stroke) which, as indicated by DirectionGeneral of Health (DGS), “is the leading cause of death and a leading cause of adult disability” in Portugal. For now, “three Portuguese suffer a Stroke“.

In social networks, the Health Authority leaves some advices about what you can do to avoid suffering a stroke.

In a publication in Facebook, a DGS Explain: “To decrease the risk of having a Stroke, it is advisable to control blood pressure (.

However, if you are experiencing Stroke, it is necessary to know how to recognize the symptoms in order to be able to quickly call for help, calling “immediately at 112”. And this is where the 3 ‘F’ come in.

Are they:

  • Speech disorder (Speech);
  • Mouth to the side (Face);
  • Lack of strength in an arm (Strength).

A DGS also states that “Stroke is a medical emergency and has treatment!”. That way, “the earlier you are treated, in the first hours, the less likely you are to be disabled by Stroke no future “.

On the date that World Labor Day is marked Stroke, The Lifestyle to the Minute spoke to the Unit coordinator Cerebrovascular Hospital São José, Drag. Ana Paiva Nunes, on the importncia of going to hospitals to prevent sequelae and the impact of pandemic gives Covid-19 in the disease.

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Prevent or Stroke it can also be done through feeding. Meet six habits to to adopt

Remember that the Stroke it consists of blocking blood flow or rupture of an artery, causing the death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen and nutrients, as a consequence of the lack of irrigation in the brain. And there are two types: THE Stroke ischemic, which occurs by blocking blood flow; it’s the Stroke hemorrhagic, which occurs by the rupture of an artery.

World Health Organization data (WHO), point out that the Stroke it is responsible for 12.2% of deaths annually, ranking second in the list of causes of death worldwide.

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