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HUG: Former Governor Chris Christie is now taking self-criticism after hugging a female party without a bandage in Rosehagen outside the White House. Photo: Alex Brandon / AP

Former Gov. Chris Christie is one of at least 16 people who tested positive after President Trump’s meeting in Rose Garden. Now he takes criticism for not wearing a face mask at the event.

The former governor of New Jersey is among those who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus after an event in Rosehagen in the White House on September 26. Now he says he should have taken better care. Pictures from the ceremony show Christie hugging a woman without wearing a face mask.

– I thought I was entering a safe zone when I entered the White House area, due to the testing I and others conducted every day. It was wrong of me not to wear a face mask during the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, he says in a press release.

– Must be taken seriously

The event in which Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett as the new Supreme Court justice in the United States has been called a mass infection event. At least 16 of the participants have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, VG’s overview shows.

Christie is herself an asthmatic and, according to the press release, was in isolation in hospital for seven days. He asks people to take the virus seriously.

– Now that I have had the virus, I can assure everyone who has not had it that it is a virus that must be taken very seriously and that is potentially deadly, he says in the press release.

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The ceremony for Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett has been described as a mass infection event. The event was attended by a total of 143 participants.

Top politicians, lobbyists and advisers have been criticized for not following recommendations on distance and the use of face masks. Senator Mike Lee was also caught on film as he hugged several partygoers and was later diagnosed with the infection.

President Donald Trump has previously told Fox News that “someone entered the White House with infection.” But he will not give more details.

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