WWE audiences far below expectations


This week there was some expectation to realize that television audiences WWE would be able to register, as we had a weekend with Draft and a weekend with season premiere. The result was globally positive, but nothing surprising and SmackDown still registered a decline.

Starting with Monday’s Raw, which was a Draft special, the program had an average audience of 1.86 million viewers, slightly above the 1.69 million obtained the previous week. This was the hourly audience: 2.01 million in the 1st hour, 1.88 million in the 2nd hour and 1.68 million in the 3rd hour.

As for Wednesday’s NXT, the program registered an audience of 651 thousand viewers, which represents a slight increase compared to the 639 thousand viewers of the previous week. Again, an insufficient amount to beat the competing program, AEW Dynamite.

Finally, Friday’s SmackDown, which was season premiere, recorded an audience of 1.99 million viewers, down from 2.09 million the previous week. Even so, the brand blue is once again the most viewed in the WWE, as has been the norm since last year. Something that should no longer happen next week, as the program will be broadcast on FS1 instead of FOX.

What do you think of this week’s WWE television results?


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