WWE may have ended Raw Underground


Since the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in WWE, in the week leading up to the Clash of Champions, we no longer have Raw Underground. We haven’t had segments of the fight club for about three weeks, something that was justified by the little social distance that existed in them.

Two weeks ago it was reported by Dave Meltzer, in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (a paid service), that Raw Underground had not been abandoned and that it should be back soon with some changes. However, the journalist goes back and says now that the idea may have come to an end.

The journalist says that the vast majority of athletes that WWE used in Raw Underground are again fit, but that the company will have decided not to continue with this type of segments to avoid an eventual new outbreak of COVID-19 that could affect Raw or SmackDown. in the future.

If the end of Raw Underground is confirmed, the future of fighters such as Dabba-Kato, Riddick Moss and the Brazilian Arturo Ruas becomes unknown, despite the fact that they were chosen by Raw during the Draft.

We remember that Raw Underground was an idea adjacent to Raw presented by Shane McMahon in the 3rd hour of the program on August 3rd. If the last episode did happen on September 21st, it means that this new WWE idea lasted little more than a month and a half.

Do you think WWE does well if it ends up with Raw Underground or were you enjoying this type of segments?


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