WWE NXT (09/30/2020): On the way to TakeOver


WWE broadcast this Wednesday another edition of NXT on the USA Network, from Full Sail University, a few days from NXT TakeOver 31 and again in direct competition with AEW Dynamite.

See fights and segments announced for this WWE NXT


– Shotzi Blackheart venceu Dakota Kai
– Ridge Holland venceu Cameron Grimes
– KUSHIDA defeated Tony Nese
– Adam Cole defeated Austin Theory
– Kayden Carter venceu Xia Li
– Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae venceram NXT North American Champion Damian Priest & NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai


– Shotzi Blackheart venceu Dakota Kai: The NXT opened with Shotzi Blackheart dominating against Dakota Kai, using all his technique to have the momentum on his side against the New Zealand fighter. However, a distraction by Raquel González made room for Dakota Kai to turn the fight inside out.

After a great dominance, the unorthodox fighter began to gain momentum and regain momentum on her side. The final minutes were very balanced, where we had a Sliced Bread no apron Shotzi Blackheart, who was almost injured to try to win the match.

In the end, Raquel Gonzalez interfered with the referee’s back, but was eventually attacked by his rival Rhea Ripley.

All this confusion made room for Dakota Kai to miss a shot and Shotzi Blackheart took advantage and with a pin fast won the fight.

Right after that we had a “conversation” between the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, with the main candidate talking about the time he faced his rival, there was always interference and other issues that prevented him from winning. Santos Escobar accused him of making excuses, the segment escalated with several insults and with the two fighters promising that they would win.

Soon after we had another vignette about the mysterious fighter who will return to the NXT, this time coming on a motorcycle.

Right after that we had a video package, from the main contender for the NXT Championship, Kyle O’Reilly talking about how even if he never made it to the NXT, he would be happy to fight for $ 5. Kyle O’Reilly also explained how Undisputed ERA is the best thing that happened to him. Adam Cole also spoke about his friend and how he has known Kyle O’Reilly for 12 years and knows that he wants to be an NXT Champion. Kyle O’Reilly also talks about how he always wanted to face Finn Bálor, but that only now will there be that chance and right on main event of NXT TakeOver, will make the last 15 years worthwhile.

No backstage we had an interview with the Gargano couple, with Johnny Gargano saying that it is only right that his wife injured Tegan Nox after she left them on television and that at TakeOver, the two will win both titles.

Back in the ring, Cameron Grimes took the microphone and accused him of missing his opportunity because of a stupid idea, the Gauntlet Eliminator Match and so he was going to launch a challenge, “Cameron Grimes Invitational Stepping Stones to the Moon”, the the first opponent was a fighter far below the capabilities of Cameron Grimes and the second fighter would be, but Ridge Holland attacked the unknown fighter before entering the ring.

– Ridge Holland venceu Cameron Grimes: Ridge Holland attacked Cameron Grimes in such a way that the referee ended the match, giving Ridge Holland the victory by TKO.

Behind the scenes we had an interview with Austin Theory making fun of Kyle O’Reilly taking 15 years to fight for the NXT Championship, since he was 22 at WrestleMania and he is the future.

Right after that we had a video package about KUSHIDA about his WWE journey and how many underestimate his humility due to weakness and that at NXT TakeOver, Velveteen Dream will realize that.

– KUSHIDA defeated Tony Nese: Tony Nese used his strength to dominate the opening minutes of the fight, but KUSHIDA quickly turned the fight in his favor and with the Hoverboard Lock won the fight.

As soon as the fight was over, Velveteen Dream appeared on titantron to tell KUSHIDA to bring him his best possible performance on TakeOver, because he will need it.

Behind the scenes we saw Cameron Grimes still suffering from the attack of Ridge Holland and his night getting worse when he came face to face with the returning Dexter Lumis.

Then we had Adam Cole talking about how Undisputed ERA dominated NXT since they arrived at brand yellow of the WWE and that does not accept that nobody thinks that it does not have to respect the Undisputed ERA and its elements and that for that reason Austin Theory had to come to the ring. Already with the young fighter at the entrance of the ring, Adam Cole explained to him that either he entered the ring for good and the two had a fight, or Undisputed ERA was going to give him a beating.

– Adam Cole beat Austin Theory: Speaking of bullying, this is what Adam Cole gave Austin Theory for several long minutes, severely punishing the young fighter.

But Austin Theory managed to survive and ended up turning the momentum in his favor, however the ex-NXT Champion ended up showing himself to be above the young fighter and after an impressive sequence, won the fight.

Backstage we had an interview with NXT North American Champion Damian Priest and NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai where the two talked about how they would win today at NXT and next Sunday they would also win their matches.

– Kayden Carter venceu Xia Li: Xia Li started in a dominant way, showing his greatest explosiveness and also experience dominating Kayden Carter for several minutes, however the combat was balanced over the minutes, until Kayden Carter with a pin fast beat Xia Li.

As soon as the match ended, both Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro tried to say hello to Xia Li, but she appeared to be pissed at his defeat.

Right after that we had face to face between NXT Champion Finn Bálor and Kyle O’Reilly with the two of them starting out cordially and praising each other, but the main candidate wanted to poke the champion and Kyle O’Reilly started saying that he will be the new NXT Champion and that he will end the reign of the “Prince of NXT”. Finn Bálor was not amused by Kyle O’Reilly’s taunts and said that this may be the greatest moment of his life, but it will only last one night as he will not miss the NXT Championship. The two continued to say they were going to win and Finn Bálor even went so far as to say that any other fighter would lose against Kyle O’Reilly at next Sunday’s NXT TakeOver, but that he is not just any fighter.

– Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae venceram NXT North American Champion Damian Priest & NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai: The pair of champions started dominantly, with the strength of Damian Priest and the agility of Io Shirai being decisive, however Candice LeRae managed to isolate the NXT Women’s Champion for a few minutes, until the “Archer of Infamy” entered the ring again and turned the momentum in his favor in a few seconds.

The end of the fight was quite chaotic and the end came when Io Shirai hit his Moonsault on Jonny Gargano and it looked like we were going to have Damian Priest hitting his The Reckoning, however in the back of referee Candice LeRae hit with a low blow in the NXT North American Champion, which gave her husband room to settle his slingshot DDT to win the fight.

After the end of this main event, Candice LeRae attacked Io Shirai and the Garganos ended this episode of the NXT by holding both the NXT North American Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship.

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