X button will gain new function in Japan


For the first time in 26 years, the X will serve as a confirmation button on a Sony console in Japan – the PlayStation 5. Until then, circle was the confirmation button there.

The information was revealed in a series of previews of the console that have already been published in Japan. However, X has always been the standard confirmation button for Western players, as you probably already know.

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Kenji Iguchi, a Twitter user, published a thread explaining that overcoming muscle memory can prove to be a problem for many Japanese players. He says that in Japan, the symbol of a circle is traditionally associated with the idea of ​​”correct”.

A Famitsu article clarified that Japanese games should continue to use the circle as a confirmation button – the same is true in the West, in some cases, like Final Fantasy XII. It also seems likely that players will be able to change this manually on the console, but there is no confirmation.

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