Xbox Series gains videos and images detailing improvements to backward compatible titles


A Microsoft released new images and videos showing the differences and improvements of the games running in retro compatibility on the new consoles Xbox Series X e S.

In addition to running games natively, the consoles have an auto HDR function for games released before the technology existed, without the need for intervention by the developers. The automatic HDR will be done by the Xbox Series themselves, with the aim of delivering better visual quality to players.

The differences are subtle, but noticeable in the image below:

Another promised improvement is an increase in the frame rate of some games. A higher frame rate per second makes animations smoother and more fluid.

The video below shows a comparison between 30 and 60 fps in the game Fallout 4:

The titles can be played directly from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One discs, downloaded from the digital library or used directly from an external storage unit.

More details and additional information are available on the official Xbox blog.

You can buy Xbox Series X here and Xbox Series S here, using our Amazon affiliate link. The new controls are also available and you can find them in black or white. The official launch of the new generation consoles takes place on November 30th.


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