Xbox Series V | Microsoft handheld console concept released


While the Xbox continues to fight in the next generation console war, a new image now shows a fake portable console: the Xbox Series V. The mysterious image has no source yet, but fans are tied as they debate whether the image was leaked or fake.

Circulating through social media in the past week, the professional-looking image has surfaced, promoting the Xbox Series V, like the “Microsoft’s first portable Xbox”. The image also carried the slogan of the next generation of Xbox “Empower your dreams”, next to a floating portable device.

The side view of the console is provocative to say the least, as its white body can be seen sporting two thumbsticks, a D-pad, classic button designs Xbox e Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the appropriately sized folding screen.

As mentioned earlier, there are currently no clues to the image’s origin, nor any indications that the model is a leaked prototype.

If it is false (yes), the creator has a keen eye for design, with enough professional skills to convince viewers that they are looking at the first laptop in the world. Xbox.

It is certainly a robust device, but this may not be the most practical device to hold for hours on end.

Even if it is false:

While the majority of the gaming community recognized the model as a scam, that did not stop them from expressing their great interest in the model. The fans also highlighted the fact that it could be a “cloud streamer”.

Its design looks attractive, but onlookers noticed that his hands were cramping just looking at it, and we can’t blame them. The images can be deceiving and there is no way to know the size of the device just through this model.

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