Xbox Series X interface comes to Xbox One in new update


The October update for the Xbox starts to be released to all users this week. Also bringing improvements to the general interface of video games, Xbox One players will be able to experience the control panel that will be used in the new generation of Xbox Series X and Series S.

The main change is the new look of the Xbox UI interface. The changes had been announced by Microsoft in August and should bring, according to the company, 50% more speed at startup and 30% more speed to exit a game. In the Series X, Microsoft says the interface consumes 40% less memory.

The visual update had been released only for users of the Xbox Insider program, which are beta testers. The new design brings changes in fonts, colors, animations, icons, and increases the availability of themes for personalization. With the redesign, Microsoft believes the Xbox will be even easier to use and become more personal.

New Xbox UI advances the experience of using the new generation for Xbox One users. Image: Microsoft / Reproduo

The layout itself has not undergone major overhauls. Several elements and pages have undergone changes, but nothing very glaring. This is something that Microsoft believes will ease the custom with the interface.

Other news

Among the changes, the update will now bring more customization for each user. When signing in with your Xbox account, the console can be customized for each individual, according to their themes, layout colors, friends, games and more. If, by chance, automatic login is not enabled, you will need to choose a profile to start the video game. Something that resembles, in a way, the interface adopted on the Nintendo Switch.

A list of recently used applications has also been added, there is a new shortcut with quick tips and also a new navigation menu with more accessible buttons. Regarding connectivity with other users, there were changes in the inbox, in the notifications and the application for mobile devices also follows the same visual line.

The new Xbox Series X and Series S will be launched in the next month, but still without a specific date in Brazil. The prices of consoles here, respectively, will be R $ 2,999 and R $ 4,999.


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