Xbox Series X interface dispenses with 4K and maintains 1080p resolution


The Xbox Series X wants to optimize the player experience whenever possible, especially when it comes to native 4K games. Apparently, Microsoft has put that concept aside with the console interface, since it must maintain 1080p resolution.

In a conversation with one of his followers on Twitter about the new PS5 interface, the journalist from Digital FoundryJohn Linneman regretted Microsoft’s choice to offer 1080p resolution for the next generation interface. Check out:

Linneman says the 1080p resolution of the Series X interface is “unacceptable”, with Xbox One X also featuring the same standard. He even comments on the interface of the PS4 Pro, the current generation console that already has native 4K interface resolution.

According to a comment from a Reddit user, Microsoft’s justification for adopting 1080p on the interface would be as follows: “Microsoft reserved 1 GB of RAM so that the panel could have 4k, but the developers said they could use this 1 GB for games, so the company made the decision to do it in 1080p to leave the developers extra space “.

However, it is worth noting that Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed anything, so the above information should be considered a rumor.

(Source: Microsoft / Reproduction)

The Xbox Series X and Series S will be launched in Brazil on November 10, for the suggested prices of R $ 4,999 and R $ 2,999, respectively.

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