Xbox Series X overheats? After all, it was just a rumor!


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is almost on the market. And there are many gamers around the world who are eager to have theirs at home.

However, a few weeks ago the news circulated that the console was overheating. But the latest analysis released this week confirms that this is just a rumor.

The launch of the new Microsoft console is expected in less than a month, on November 10. The Xbox Series X will arrive for $ 499 and the least powerful version will be the Xbox Series S that will cost $ 299.

But weeks ago some news circulated that the Xbox Series X test units, which were distributed for analysis, overheated. Whoever tested the console even said that it could almost burn the user's hand if he touched it to the equipment while it was on.

No… the Xbox Series X doesn't overheat

First the information about the heating was indicated by the French journalist Ken Bogard, who jokingly said that the heat emitted was enough to heat an apartment. Then Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Bakalar referred to the significant temperature of the console and the memory expansion module when using during a podcast, even at rest.

However, on Thursday, October 15, the first complete assessments of the console were released, which end up denying this information.

According to tests by journalists who have spent the past three weeks testing the Xbox Series X, it appears that overheating is just a rumor. For example, the Ars Technica website says that the console produces heat, as expected from any high-performance electronic product. However, it is not an exaggeration that can even be used to “dry your hair” or “heat the house”.

According to the analyzes, the construction of the new Xbox was made exactly to optimize the heat dissipation. That is, the air enters from the bottom and comes out hot from the top, which also explains the non-removable base in order to remain unobstructed.

Heat emitted by the Xbox Series X is as expected

Of course, whoever puts his hand on the top will feel warm, but within normal and expected.

In turn, The Verge's analysis states that the equipment showed no significant heat coming out of the console, nor was it too hot. As indicated, it is not much different from the heat that comes from the back of the Xbox One X or a gaming PC.

IGN confirms that the air is actually hotter than the current generation model, but it is nothing that players have to worry about. Not even if you put your hand over the air outlet after several hours of play.

However, both The Verge and GamesRadar agree that it is a good idea to leave the Xbox Series X in a place where the air can circulate without too many obstacles.


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