Xbox Series X | S with over 1000 backwards compatible games enhanced at launch


With the launch of the new Microsoft consoles, less than a month from now, here are some details about the functionality that allows us to play many of the games of the various generations of Xbox.

At the outset, all Xbox One games will be backward compatible natively as of November 10, the launch date for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S; benefiting from all the amenities of the new generation, such as faster charging, courtesy of the console’s new internal NVME SSD; Auto HDR, with greater color depth, improved framerates and graphics, all to offer a new experience in our favorite games.

Additionally, some of the games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360, which already had backwards compatibility on Xbox One, will also benefit them even more from all the news of the new generation.

The Xbox team has invested more than 500,000 hours testing the gameplay of thousands of games, spread across four generations of Xbox over the past year, to get them ready for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S; with these improvements to retain everything the original developer intended, taking other aspects to a new level.

Thus, enjoying our current game library on the Xbox Series X | S will bring a new experience, with many additions with great benefits, taking them to another level, while we are discovering all the news that the new generation has to offer.


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