Xiaomi tests option of apps horizontally for MIUI 12 multitasking menu


While still distributing the final version of MIUI 12 to users of various devices, Xiaomi continues to make minor adjustments to its proprietary interface. The intention is to gradually deliver these improvements in future updates.

This week, Chinese users discovered that the MIUI 12 launcher is expected to change the system’s multitasking page a bit more. This is because the software must display open and recent applications in horizontal format.

For those who don’t remember, MIUI 12 has always made the carousel available in its vertical version and this has bothered some people. Therefore, Xiaomi should now let the user choose the option that best fits their preferences.

See below that the novelty can be selected in the settings menu:

By using horizontal scrolling, Xiaomi also makes life easier for those migrating from Android with few modifications or even OxygenOS, for example.

As with other devices, the new multitasking menu is very simple to use. You can swipe up to close an application or press to keep it locked in memory.

For now, the novelty is still in tests with some users. Anyway, as the menu is already quite stable, soon Xiaomi can release the novelty to everyone through a stable MIUI update.

What did you think of the improvement? Do you prefer vertical or horizontal menu? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.


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