“You are the President, you are not a crazy uncle who retweet everything”: in separate debates with voters, Trump got angry and Biden remained calm


Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden again showed this Thursday a deep disagreement over the management of the pandemic, in debates with voters on different channels, broadcast at the same time, 19 days before the American elections.

“We did a fantastic job … Vaccines are coming and treatments are coming,” said President of the United States, Donald Trump, on NBC television in a live debate from Miami, Florida.

“We are in a situation where we have more than 210,000 dead and what is he [Trump] to do? Nothing, “criticized, in turn, the Democratic candidate on the ABC television channel, broadcast from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The two candidates for the November 3 presidential election participated at the same time in two television programs with questions from voters, replacing the proposed debate for the same day in virtual format, which Trump refused.

Last week, the Republican billionaire refused to participate in the campaign’s second debate, scheduled for Thursday, when organizers announced it would be done virtually, as a precautionary measure, if Trump, who was infected with covid-19, was still contagious. “I won’t waste my time,” said the Republican.

Trump was tense and angry at the questions, especially about why he wore the mask so little. “I am President, I have to see people … I cannot be locked in a beautiful room somewhere in the White House,” he quipped. The Republican also refused to explicitly condemn the QAnon conspiracy movement, which says there is a world pedophile elite formed, among others, by George Soros, the Rothschild and Angela Merkel, who would actually be Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter. “I don’t know anything about QAnon,” said Trump, in a lively exchange with the interviewer, before making sure he agreed with the movement’s “anti-pedophilia” positions.

The American President was also asked about a retweet that he did (sharing a post on Twitter), in which he gives voice to the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were responsible for the death of 15 members of the Team Six Navy in 2011 in Afghanistan as part of of an operation to mask Osama bin Laden’s false death. Two military investigations concluded that the helicopter crash resulted from a grenade fired or fired by a Taliban. This hot piece of dialogue with Savannah Guthrie went like this:

– That was a retweet! It was someone’s opinion.
– But …
– Was a retweet! I put it there, people decide for them [o que pensar].
– I don’t understand that! You are the President, you are not a crazy uncle who retweet all…
– No, no, no, it was a retweetI do many retweets.

In contrast, the Democratic candidate, who leads the poll race, answered questions from the audience in a much calmer register. It is necessary to “listen to the other”, he told a voter who asked him how he intended to restore “courtesy and honor” in American politics.

More than 17.5 million Americans have already voted by post or by early vote, with polls giving Biden an advantage.

The former Democratic vice president leads the national average for opinion polls for the November 3 presidential election by almost 10 percentage points.

Trump was out of the election campaign for more than ten days after he tested positive for the new coronavirus on October 2. White House doctor Sean Conley said on Monday that the Republican had tested negative for the presence of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 for “several consecutive days” through so-called “rapid tests” and was allowed to travel . Since then, the US President, who has declared himself “immune” to the virus, has been stepping up the campaign in decisive states, having already participated in four rallies in Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina in just four days, surrounded by thousands of supporters.

A debate between the two candidates is still scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.


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