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UNREST: Crown Prince Haakon was uneasy when King Harald was admitted, but says his father is doing well now. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

FILMENS HUS (VG) Crown Prince Haakon says he was relieved when he was told that the operation had gone well.

Last Friday, King Harald was admitted to Rikshospitalet to have a heart valve replaced. The king was operated on the next day, and the Royal House announced that the operation was successful, and at the same time said that his condition was good.

King Harald is on sick leave until October, and Crown Prince Haakon will therefore take over the king’s duties during the period.

On the occasion of the screening of the upcoming Norwegian big film “The biggest crime”, the Crown Prince Regent will meet the press on Thursday afternoon.

There he says that he was a little uneasy when he was first told that the 83-year-old king was taken to the hospital.

– I have known all along that this is an operation that is done hundreds of times a year, and that they are very good in the team that performed this operation, says the Crown Prince when asked by VG about how he took the message about the admission.

– But you get a little restless. I was happy when the doctor called and said that everything was going well and that he was recovering well. It’s a relief there, of course. But there was relatively little risk with that intervention, the Crown Prince continues.

FILM SHOW: Crown Prince Haakon by Agnethe Buus Jensen, Guttorm Petterson and Martin Sundland outside Filmens hus in Oslo. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– Feeling good

When asked by TV 2 about how the king is doing now, the Crown Prince answers that it looks bright.

– Now everything has gone well. He is fine and is improving, but probably still needs some time. He is on sick leave this month, but the doctors are satisfied and we are satisfied, says Crown Prince Haakon.

He was also asked how it feels to take over the king’s duties while the king is on sick leave.

– I think it’s nicest when the king is in good health and in full operational operation, he laughs, and adds:

– But that’s one side of it. It is quite predictable the system we have. I think it’s okay that this is the way it is, and I’m prepared to do those tasks if needed.

When asked if the king has indicated that he will step down due to health, the Crown Prince laughs again.

– I have not heard anything about him having plans for it.

– But it is clear, he must constantly adjust a little based on what he wants and can do.

– Do not read the book

The Crown Prince was also asked about Harald Stanghelle’s new book about King Harald, “The King Tells”.

There, the King tells of a future where the Crown Prince takes over the crown.

– He must almost be allowed to talk about it if he wants to. Now I have not read the book, only parts of it. But it is in our way of thinking, we work from day to day and week to week. I have grown up with that since I was little, says the Crown Prince.

The case is being updated.

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