You will no longer want to know about the Chrome dinosaur with this browser game Vivaldi


A hidden game in Vivaldi version 3.4 is adding 8-bit cyberpunk action to your browsing sessions.

The game, which appears when you type “vivaldi: // game” in the browser URL field, is a side scrolling shooting game that pits a fast hero with wheels against flying snails in a dystopian future. It works on the desktop and mobile versions of the Vivaldi browser.

“Driving his cybernetic one-wheel ninja called CyclePunk, Vivaldia overtakes and overcomes the great evil machines,” write the creators. “Sometimes it seems like an impossible battle to win, but with courage and strength, Vivaldia triumphs. Evil is overcome and humans can claim their city and future back. Vivaldia won people’s hearts ”.

The Icelandic game company Porcelain Fortress (best known for a reboot of the board game Dark Tower) created the game for the browser.

Vivaldi is a browser with a focus on privacy, with integrated ad blocking, and features some interesting features like displaying tabs in the form of a list and organizing web pages into grids. Being able to play in the browser is just the icing on the cake.


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