Young man travels over 2,000 km and “takes cake” from a man he met on the internet


Jasmine experienced disappointment (Photo: Reproduction / Facebook)

It was supposed to be a romantic date at the airport, but it ended up going wrong for young American Jasmine Triggs, 23.

The man she met on the internet did not pick her up at the airport and even blocked her on social media when she left the state of Indiana, in the United States, bound for Texas.

It was 2,400 km of trip to “take cake” from the boy, whom Jasmine talked about a week ago. For the English daily Daily Star, the young woman stated that the man “said he couldn’t wait to see me and that he cleaned the room for me”.

Jasmine’s “luck” was that a friend lives in the region and took her in for a few days, until she returned to Indiana.


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