Youtuber buys property of R $ 14 million after asking for government aid and is detonated – 10/15/2020


British youtuber Zoella bought a property of approximately almost £ 1.9 million (R $ 13.8 million). According to the Daily Mail tabloid, the purchase of the “New York loft-style” building occurred while she asked the British government for help in order to pay her manager’s salary.

Last week, the same Daily Mail had revealed that Zoella, whose real name is Zoe Sugg, chose to adopt putting her manager Holly Macey in the “furlough” scheme adopted by the British government to minimize the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, where the employee takes a leave of absence and the government pays a portion of his income.

This help from the government meant that Zoella had to pay her employee 25,000 pounds (R $ 182,000) a year, while her business was booming.

Zoella, 30, signed contracts to promote big companies like BMW and Spotify. The increase in work meant that she opted to buy a £ 1.9m (£ 8m) building in the district of Brighton and receive authorization to convert part of the property for commercial use.

Youtuber’s attitude sparked outrage among UK lawmakers. One of them considered the act as ‘outrageous’.

“The license scheme was created for companies that were suffering during the pandemic, but hers goes from strength to strength, or so it seems. She should return this money,” said another source who closely follows the case and declined to identify himself. , to the Daily Mail.


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