Zeca Camargo receives Monica Iozzi at the premiere of the Brazil show with Zeca – 10/10/2020


This Sunday (11) is the debut day here at Twitter. Straight from home, at 12 noon, Zeca Camargo presents the program Brazil with Zeca, with live broadcast on Youtube from Nossa. The new attraction invites you to discover the country in pictures and conversations about cuisine, travel, decoration and pop culture.

To show the country’s cultural diversity and flavors, Zeca welcomes people from all over Brazil to cook regional dishes together (and at a distance), chat about travel memories, get inspired by “hands-on” decorations and reveal the follies they have already done for their idols.

Backstage of the recording of Brasil Cozinha Comigo, at Zeca’s house

Image: Mariana Pekin / UOL

Special guests

Each edition of Brazil with Zeca it also has a special guest that accompanies the presenter throughout the episode. At the premiere, he receives the actress Monica Iozzi, who will talk about his new film, the confinement routine in his apartment and the “escape” he made from isolation on a trip to Portugal.

Monica Iozzi publishes photo of when she was still brunette - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Monica Iozzi is at the Brazilian premiere with Zeca

Image: Playback / Instagram

Flavors and stories

Who missed the #BrasilCozinhaComigo, program that Zeca commanded in Wow, he returns renewed within the new attraction. This Sunday, the journalist prepares with the cook Letícia Massula, from Pirenópolis (GO), an unusual moqueca of cajuzinho do Cerrado, a vegetarian dish that mixes influences from cuisines from various parts of the country.

cajuzinho - Press Release - Press Release

This Sunday, there is a stew of cajuzinho do Cerrado Brazil Cooking with me

Image: Disclosure

New frames

Zeca will also show the talent of people capable of redesigning the home environments with little money and a lot of creativity, in the painting “Eu que eu”. In the first episode, he will be accompanied by Samuel Gonçalves, who heads the YouTube channel “Um Botânico do Apartamento” and set up a “forest” with 1,200 plants at home.

Samuel Gonçalves, from the Um Botânico no Apartamento channel - Reproduction Instagram @umbotaniconopartamento - Reproduction Instagram @umbotaniconopartamento

Samuel Gonçalves, from the channel Um Botânico no Apartamento

Image: Instagram reproduction @umbotaniconopartamento

In programming, there is also the return of “Curve of Floating Expectations”, in which Zeca assesses the ups and downs of pop culture, in a ranking that defines what will catch, what has reached perfection and what has already tired.

Write it down!

Brazil with Zeca airs every Sunday at 12 noon. You can follow the program on YouTube of Nossa, on the Twitter e no Facebook e no Twitter do Twitter.


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