120-year-old woman, 12 children and 100 grandchildren wins Covid-19


A 120-year-old woman won Covid-19 in Sirnak, Turkey. Mother of 12 children and grandmother of more than 100 grandchildren, Menica Encu, was hospitalized for two weeks, but was discharged and has now returned home. The information is from the Daily Star.

Menica thanked the children’s hospital, which was adapted with an improvised installation for Covid-19. “They took good care of me here. Thanks to their efforts, I was well, ”said the matriarch to Anadolu Agency.

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“My mother-in-law usually only eats organic products. She recovered after receiving very good medical attention. God bless the doctors and nurses who took care of her, ”said Halime Encu, 65, also to Agência Anadolu.

According to pulmonologist Dr. Bilim Kehya Akcan, Menica responded well to treatment and was discharged. He added that the elderly woman should continue to take care of her health for the next few weeks, as she is still weak, but the hospital team estimates that she is well enough to be left at home in the care of her family.


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