21-year-old star dead


The e-sports world lost one of its big stars yesterday.

Maurice “Fero” Henriquez’s family even confirms the tragic death on his Twitter account, and at the same time says that he died as a result of a heart attack.

EARLY DEPARTURE: Several of e-sports’ big clubs and stars have expressed their grief after Maurice Henrique’s death. Photo: Florida Mutineers / Dexerto
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He was one of the most prominent profiles in e-sports and was part of the club Florida Mutineers.

Internet star (25) dead

Internet star (25) dead

His club praises Henriquez on his official Twitter account, stating that the player died after “several heart attacks”.

– The Mutineers family unfortunately confirms today the sudden death of Maurice “Fero” Henriquez after several heart attacks. This is an incredible loss for his family, friends and our Florida Mutineers team. He will be greatly missed every day, the club writes, among other things.

Incorrect messages

It was Swedish Expressen that first mentioned the news in Scandinavia.

In the midst of grief, the family has had to refute reports that Henriquez took his own life, according to the e-sports website Dexerto.

“The truth is that Maurice suffered a heart attack on Sunday night, then three heart attacks on Monday and four heart attacks today,” writes mother Connie Henriquez on Twitter.

Brax (21) is dead

Brax (21) is dead

“Fero” has been a professional “Call of Duty” player since 2014 and won three Call of Duty Home Series tournaments with the Florida Mutineers. He is said to have been one of the team’s key players since he arrived there in March this year.

PROFILE: E-sports has lost one of its big profiles.  Photo: Florida Mutineers
PROFILE: E-sports has lost one of its big profiles. Photo: Florida Mutineers
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After the death, tributes from many of e-sports’ biggest profiles began to flow in on social media. Both his former clubs and countless e-sports professionals express shock and compassion.

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Call of Duty League pays tribute to him with the following words:

– His absence will be felt throughout the league and the entire “Call of Duty” e-sports community.

TV star (38) found dead

TV star (38) found dead

Toronto Ultra star Anthony “Methodz” Zinni is one of those who shares his grief on Twitter:

– My heart is broken. When we last spoke, it was nothing but jokes and laughter. I am grateful to have been one of his teammates and experienced such a lively, passionate person. Rest in peace, brother.

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Fero has previously been affiliated with major e-sports clubs such as 100 Thieves, Team Envy, Reckless and Team Kaliber.

100 Thieves describes the death as follows on Twitter:

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