Atletico-MG proposal by Vargas may approach R $ 10 million


Guilherme Piu and Thiago Fernandes

From UOL, in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte

05/11/2020 19h08

Striker Vargas is really the big target of Atlético-MG at this moment and the Atletican board is preparing an offer to Tigres (MEX) to try to hire the player before the transfer window closes, which ends next Monday (9).

The athletic proposal to meet the request of coach Jorge Sampaoli is between 1 million and 1.5 million euros, values ​​that converters can reach almost R $ 10 million, according to a source informed the Sports. Tigres initially asked for R $ 32 million – about 5 million euros in the current conversion.

It is not just today that the miners want to close with the 30-year-old, but there was resistance from the Mexicans in the negotiations. Chilean Vargas has a job in North American football until December this year and is now free to sign a pre-contract with another club. However, Rooster wants to hire him now. An intermediary has already dealt with this negotiation for a few days and there is a possibility that Atlético-MG will close with the player.

Eduardo Vargas is a request from Jorge Sampaoli to Atlético’s football department. The coach has been interested in having the Chilean athlete since the beginning of his stay in Cidade do Galo, last March. The club had already tried to sign him in July. However, he found it difficult to reach an agreement.


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