Colleges resume practical classes in BH with protocols against Covid-19 – Horizontes


Ten higher education institutions are authorized by the city to resume practical and laboratory classes in Belo Horizonte. The colleges, according to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMSA), presented health protocols that guarantee the safety of both students and employees. It is not yet possible to know when the activities will return in all of them.


At Kennedy and Promove Colleges, teachers and students must wear Personal Protective Equipment; classes were divided so as not to have agglomeration

Practical classes are essential in the learning process, highlights the coordinator of the Psychopedagogical Guidance Center at Faculdades Kennedy and Promove, Cláudio Vieira de Lima. “The practice materializes the teaching process, and the resumption is important so that we can have quality professionals in the market while maintaining the health of students and employees”.

In the units, the activities of health courses, such as Dentistry and Psychology, were resumed on the last day 3. Classes refer to the practical contents of the first and second semesters and should be concluded by next month, informed the director-director. academic of the two educational institutions, Natanael Aleva.

Distance of two meters, temperature measurement, sanitary mats and exclusive entrance and exit rules for students are some of the protocols implemented at Promove and Kennedy.

The resumption and measures adopted pleased Ítalo Dionísio de Andrade, enrolled in the 6th period of Psychology. “We had to divide the class into two groups to avoid crowding. But I really enjoyed (coming back) ”.

According to Professor Cláudio Vieira, a proposal for fulfilling the workload will be presented to students who did not want to return for some reason. Also on the list are those in the Covid-19 risk group.

At the end of September, the Committee to Confront Covid-19 in the capital informed that universities will only reopen when BH presents 50 cases of the disease for every one hundred thousand inhabitants. SMSA did not provide the current index.


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