Corinthians fans exalt Mancini and highlight ‘will’ in victory in the Brazilian Championship; see repercussion


Corinthians fans will sleep happier this Saturday. In a very convincing performance, Vagner Mancini’s team beat the international leader 1-0, at Neo Química Arena, and distanced themselves from the relegation zone of the Brasileirão. The triumph, of course, was widely celebrated on social media.

After promoting surgical alterations among the titleholders, Timão’s coach was the most exalted name by Fiel in Itaquera. Mancini managed to give the minimum standard to the team and even promoted the entry of Davó, who overcame criticism and scored the only goal of the night.

Another point highly praised by the internet users was the delivery of the players on the field. Unlike the last rounds, the athletes did not drop in performance in the second half and had a very intense and competitive match.

Names like Fábio Santos, Ramiro and Cazares were some other highlights for the immense Corinthians fans. Now, Timão has 24 points and is in the ninth position of the Brasileirão.

See Fiel’s repercussions after the triumph

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