Covid-19: Fenprof says there are more than 500 schools with confirmed cases – News


In a statement released the day after the government announced new restrictive measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic, Fenprof publishes the list of schools with confirmed cases, totaling 506 educational establishments, but admits that the number may be higher. See the list here.

Fenprof accused the Government of “trying to hide the growing increase in cases of covid-19 in schools and insisted on“ the need for a clear information and communication strategy on what is happening ”.

The federation of Portuguese teachers also considers it “irresponsible” and “unacceptable” that the Government has not reinforced “preventive measures and health security” in schools in the face of the current aggravated epidemiological situation.

“For schools to remain open without becoming one of the main transmission factors for covid-19, it is necessary that, in the classrooms, adequate distance is guaranteed to be observed in closed spaces and not just the possible centimeters that result of the rules imposed by the Ministry of Education ”, proposes Fenprof.

In the statement, he also defends the creation of small groups, with the division of classes, not being allowed to form groups with students from different classes, either in certain disciplines or in leisure activities and that more operational assistants are hired. , as they are necessary to ensure the essential levels of cleaning, disinfection and safety.

Fenprof also considers that the individual protection equipment, the carrying out of diagnostic tests should be reinforced when there are cases of infection and the dissemination of a map with the schools where there are active cases of covid-19.

“If these and other measures to reinforce health safety standards are not taken, schools will probably become one of the main factors for the spread of covid-19 in the community, despite the restrictive standards that are being imposed on it”, sustains.

Fenprof also states that, on the 5th and 6th of November, it will bring together the national secretariat to assess the whole situation that is being experienced in schools and admits the possible use of forms of struggle to give “expression to the teachers’ indignation and protest and compel the government to assume its responsibilities ”.

On Saturday, the prime minister praised the work of the educational community at the opening of the school year, arguing that “it would be, at the very least, a great lack of respect” if society did not endeavor to avoid further confinement due to the pandemic.

“We must guarantee the freedom of our children and young people not to have their school year disturbed again and to be able to maintain their normal school activity”, affirmed António Costa, in a press conference after an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers to decree new restrictive measures to control the increase in cases of covid-19 in Portugal.

After announcing the partial confinement in counties with more than 240 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days, a measure that covers 121 municipalities in the national mainland, the Prime Minister said that “there are two very clear red lines”, referring to education and work.


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