Discord. See how to add the best bots to your server


Discord is a chat platform that has become increasingly popular in the gaming world (and beyond), thanks to its ease of use and advanced interaction options.

Among the many tools it makes available, one of the most outstanding is the support for bots. At Discord, bots appear as the perfect tool to add interaction, security and control to any server.

How to add a bot to your server on Discord in XX steps

It is possible to create your own bot, but it is much simpler to take advantage of the hundreds of bots created by experienced programmers. To do so, simply access the Discord Bot List website.

This site has the largest Discord library bots, making available a wide list of filters so you can find exactly what you are looking for. For this reason, this website is the most important tool in this process:

  • Open or Discord Bot List in your browser of choice
  • On search box, write the name of the bot or, use the highlighted labels positioned under the box
  • After finding the bot you want to add, press the button Invite
  • In the new authentication page that will open, you need to select the server where do you want to add bot
  • Select all permissions you want to grant and click on Authorize to finish the process.
  • You will receive a notification on the server you have chosen, confirming that the bot successfully added


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