Educator and trainer detained in pedophile network with worldwide connections


A complaint by the US authorities led to the dismantling of a pedophile network in Australia, with links to the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.

a kindergarten teacher it is a soccer coach are among 14 men detained in recent months in the Australian states of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia on 828 charges of child sexual abuse and of producing and distributing material on child abuse and bestiality, the deputy commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Justine Gough.

The investigation, which began several months ago, made it possible to 46 victims in Australia, aged 16 months to 15 years.

“No child should be subjected to abuse and violence by the people he trusts, whether it be a family member, a kindergarten teacher or a football coach,” said the deputy police commissioner. “Sadly and painfully, this has been the case with mistreatment of victims” in Australia, he added.


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