Embraced fire during Farmen sabotage:


After having an agreement with Karianne Vilde Wølner (26) and Karianne Kopperstad (28), it was Daniel Viem Årdal (31) who became the big farmer of the week on Farmen-gården.

In danger of Viem Årdal getting two knives, Inger Cecilie «IC» Grønnerød (47) saw her cut to sabotage the weekly assignment.

– The weekly assignment is so easy that it is almost hopeless to sabotage, Grønnerød explains, when she visits the Good Evening Norway studio.

Watch video of the sabotage at the top of the case.

Would prevent final knife

Claiming Inger Cecilie secretly broke the Farmen agreement

She explains that the reason for the sabotage was that Viem Årdal, Kopperstad and Wølner had made an agreement that if any of them had to fight in week seven, when IC was a big farmer, she would fight herself the following week – that is, this week.

– I knew that in week eight Daniel became a big farmer, and then he came to choose me as first champion. I was very concerned that Daniel should not win Farmen 2020. So when he became a big farmer, he should not get a knife, she says.

Part of the weekly assignment was to complete an embroidery that the participants had not previously been able to complete. It was this part of the mission she wanted to sabotage, and she decided early on to try to destroy it.

DO NOT REGRET: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød sees the sabotage as part of the game.  Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

DO NOT REGRET: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød sees the sabotage as part of the game. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– risk

Grønnerød’s sabotage became dramatic.

– There is a risk in what I will do. I will simply burn holes in the embroidery, she says to Good evening Norway.

According to Grønnerød, this happened in consultation with the production, and she says that she had thought through the risk in advance and informed the production about what she was going to do.

– Then we had to have fire constables present. There were two pieces from the crew that were there. So we had good plans for this here, she says.

The farm participant says that the production had water and fire extinguishing equipment available.

HAD A PLAN: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød wanted to sabotage the weekly assignment so that the big farmer did not get a knife.

HAD A PLAN: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød wanted to sabotage the weekly assignment so that the big farmer did not get a knife. Photo: Screenshot / TV 2

Production intervened

In Wednesday’s episode of Farmen, it was seen that Grønnerød brought a candle into the living room on the farm, before she held the embroidery over the flame, so that it caught fire. Then she laid the burning embroidery on the floor and hurried out the door.

The TV viewers then saw that someone from the production, who was behind the camera, threw the burning embroidery out into the courtyard.

Then it did not take long before the participants discovered the smoke and came running.

Daniel Viem Årdal was sitting in the attic smoking a pipe with Sindre Nyeng (23) when it happened, and he describes the incident as less controlled than what Grønnerød does.

– It could have gone very bad, because it does not take much for it to catch fire in an old house. There is old furniture and old curtains hanging there. One would think that a 47-year-old woman might have a little more in her head than to light something, and then go out without turning it off, says Viem Årdal to Good evening Norway.

IGNITED: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød lit the embroidery with a candle.

IGNITED: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød lit the embroidery with a candle. Photo: Screenshot / TV 2

TV 2: – Under control

TV 2 confirms that the production knew that Grønnerød was going to burn the embroidery.

– We were aware that Inger Cecilie would sabotage the embroidery by burning a brand or lighting it, and we had an agreement with her that we would be allowed to film it, says program editor Kathrine Haldorsen in TV 2.

– It is true that she had a boiler with water nearby, and because we knew what was going to happen, we had extra preparedness in the form of a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in the back. There were people present in the room all the time, she adds.

TV 2’s program editor emphasizes that Grønnerød never put anything or anyone in danger with what she did.

– The situation was under control all the way. Neither participants, animals or houses were in danger, says Haldorsen.

A misunderstanding arose

Even though the production knew about Grønnerød’s sabotage plans, the Farmen participant himself was responsible for the entire implementation, according to Haldorsen.

– The production is never involved in, or encourages, sabotage. All sabotage alone is the participants’ idea, and they are responsible for all implementation without our help. The important thing for us is to be part of what happens with the camera, so we have material to tell the story of what happens on the farm in a correct way, she says.

In Wednesday’s Farmen episode, it was seen that the production intervened and threw out the burning embroidery, which Grønnerød had left inside the house. This is how TV 2’s program editor answers why the production chose to intervene:

– In this case, there was a small misunderstanding between Inger Cecilie and the production about who should turn off the embroidery, which ended with them choosing to take it out of the house. The best solution was to get the embroidery out and away from the house quickly. The ground outside the house was wet, says Haldorsen.

BRANT: The embroidery caught fire inside the living room on the Farmen farm.

BRANT: The embroidery caught fire inside the living room at Farmen farm. Photo: Screenshot / TV 2

Proud of the sabotage

The sabotage created strong reactions among the participants on the farm, and there was immediate speculation as to who could be behind it. However, Grønnerød is very satisfied with its own efforts.

– I think it will be in the Farmen story. Is it possible to be proud of your own sabotage? I’m very happy with it, laughs the horse farmer.

Watch the entire Good Evening Norway interview with Grønnerød here:

Secured alibi

Grønnerød managed to carry out the sabotage plan, at the same time as she secured an alibi. Shortly after the incident on the farm, she received support from, among others, Kopperstad and Viem Årdal, who thought she could not have done it, since she was in the bakery with Kopperstad when the burning embroidery was discovered.

At the same time, everyone wondered who could have ruined the weekly assignment.

Created intrigue at Farmen-gården: – I do not have a bad conscience

– Poor Daniel is very insecure, he is absolutely sure that it is not me, says Grønnerød.

During the eight weeks on the farm, the atmosphere between Grønnerød and Viem Årdal has been tense several times. They have blamed each other when it comes to missing tobacco, and Viem Årdal has tried to convince the others on the farm that he has seen through her secret.

Grønnerød has kept it hidden from the other participants that she is a horse farmer and has farm experience. Viem Årdal has seen through this, but she denies it.

Viem Årdal confirms to Good evening Norway that he did not suspect that Grønnerød was behind the sabotage.

– I trusted her when she said that it was not she who sabotaged. A bit because Karianne was her alibi, but she had not gotten it since it happened so fast. I trust Karianne, so I had no idea who it was, Viem says.

HORSE FARMER: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød works with horses, but she keeps it hidden from the others on the farm.  Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

HORSE FARMER: Inger Cecilie Grønnerød works with horses, but she keeps it hidden from the others on the farm. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

No consequences

Grønnerød says that she does not regret that she carried out the sabotage, and that she sees it as part of the game. Nor would she have done it any other way.

Reveals Farmen cheating

– I have great understanding that the others reacted as they did. They did not know that this had been completely safe, and it became more dramatic than I had anticipated. It is natural that you get angry when you are scared, says Grønnerød.

TV 2 says that it had no consequences for Grønnerød that she lit the embroidery inside the yard.

– There was no reason for this to have consequences for Inger Cecilie. Sabotaging weekly assignments is part of the game on the farm, and it happens every season. Inger Cecilie did not endanger anyone either. We knew about it, and everything was under control, says Haldorsen.

– We also understood that a misunderstanding had arisen in advance, for which no one can be blamed. But all participants were reminded of the responsibility they have for the farm and the general fire safety, in the form of not leaving a room lit candles, and taking care when there is a fire in the fireplace, she adds.

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