Epic Games offers Disney + subscriptions to Fortnite players


The partnership between the Epic Games it’s at Disney, and this is visible in the Fortnite, where we usually have the heroes in Marvel to participate in the game, and it’s not a new situation, as it has been going on for months.

Now, a new promotion, both of the game and of the service of streaming Disney +, will allow Fornite players to get a few months of subscription to the Disney service completely free of charge. Thus, from next November 10, 2020, and until the end of the year, players receive 2 months of subscription on Disney + when they buy V-Bucks in the game, or when they make real money purchases, in the game.

If you have already made a purchase in the game since the 6th, do not worry that you will be entitled to your prize. Just visit fortnite.com/disneyplus as of the 10th, and claim your vaucher that will give you access to 2 months of Disney + service.

Fortnite offers 2 months of Disney + service

To have access to this offer, you must be over 18 years old, and not have a subscription to the Disney service, since it is reserved for new subscribers. The bad news is that the promotion is not valid for those in France, Japan, the Middle East, Brazil, Latin America, Korea, Turkey and Russia.

After you have your vaucher “in hand”, just go to the Disney website (here), register and use the Vaucher made available to you. In addition, the offer is limited to one promotional code per eligible Fortnite account.

When the 2 free months are over, since vouchers can be used until January 31, 2021, your account will simply be unavailable to watch content, and you will be invited to continue with the service, paying € 6.99 per month , or € 69.99 per year, but you are not required to accept, and you may simply not continue with the service.

Given the current situation, in which we will enter a period of curfew in the vast majority of national counties, having access to 2 months of Disney + service completely free of charge is something very positive.

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