Extensive closure in Setermoen camp in Bardu


The army has implemented stricter measures than the provisions of FHI to prevent further spread of infection, says spokesman Eirik Skomedal.

Furthermore, leave travel has been revoked for some departments.

In recent days, 19 people in the camp have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to NRK. The measures will continue until the situation is under control.

No new cases of infection in Bardu

At the same time, 50 people are in quarantine at Skjold camp in MÃ¥lselv, which is linked to the outbreak at Setermoen camp in the neighboring municipality of Bardu. Leave travel for all departments here has been revoked until further notice.

The purpose of the closure of the camps in inner Troms is to prevent the spread, shield the local population and simplify the detection of infection.

On Sunday, one case of infection was confirmed in Bardu. The infected person is personnel from the US Marines and the case is not linked to the local outbreak in Setermoen camp, Bardu municipality writes on its website.

Cases of infection in other parts of the Army

Corona infection is also present in other camps. Six people tested positive at Rena camp in Østerdalen during the weekend, and in Garden in Oslo, six cases of infection have been detected. Infection has also been detected in the Norwegian Navy at Haakonsvern in Bergen.

– We follow the situation closely and are concerned about the development, both in society and the Armed Forces, says Jon Gerhard Reichelt, Major General and Chief of the Armed Forces Sanitation, to NRK.

Reichelt says that there will be major restrictions on the Armed Forces’ activities in the future.

– In the spring there was no traffic between camps, and it will be similar now with isolation and only much-needed traffic. It can also be very relevant to drop leave travel, he says.


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