Five chapters that help explain chaos in the election


Vasco’s presidential election, which was held yesterday (7), was confusing and still does not have a final result. O Sports separated five points that help to explain a little of what was the chaos that was installed in the election.

Court battles

The presidential election and the format in which it would take place had been a subject of discussion behind the scenes and court decisions for some months now. In the midst of this confusion, an injunction granted on the last 3rd, by the 7th Civil Court, determined that the election should be on the 14th, exclusively online – President Alexandre Campello had published a notice calling for an election for the 7th, in person.

The injunction, however, was overturned last Friday night, bringing the election back on the 7th, and in person. Still during the night, plates contrary to the date and format tried to appeal.

“Mais Vasco” and “Semper Vasco” even considered boycotting the event, as a way of not corroborating with something they consider not to be legal, but decided to attend and campaign.

In the morning, even with the election already started, Faues Cherene Jassus, the Mussa, president of the General Assembly filed a request for reconsideration of the decision that determined the election for this Saturday.

Punch in the face of rival

With a not very pleasant climate the day before, the election had its first confusion in the early afternoon. Member of “Semper Vasco”, Rodrigo Stockler punched Luís Manuel Fernandes in the face, supporter of the “Somamos” slate, headed by Leven Siano.
The two went to the police station and Fernandes classified the act as “coward”.

Image: Alexandre Araújo / UOL Sport

“I filed a complaint. It was a cowardly, regrettable act. It should be a historic election, as it is the first direct election, and which, unfortunately, is tainted,” said Luís, before explaining what happened before the aggression:

“He said that I had to leave the premises. I replied that, in addition to being a great benefactor, I was there as a ticket inspector, that he had no authority to remove me from the premises. His reaction was to punch me.”

Suspension, back and forth

The election was moving towards the final stretch when news changed the picture: the election, after almost the whole day of voting, was suspended. Remember the request made by the president of the General Assembly to reconsider the decision that determined the election for this Saturday? Then, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) granted it.

Initially, as long as Vasco was not notified, voting would not be interrupted and, after all the members’ procedures, the new decisions would be analyzed. However, Cruz-Maltino received the document, Mussa signed and paralyzed the deposit of ballots in the ballot box.

At this moment, Leven Sian, candidate for the “Somamos” ticket and who led according to exit polls, said that the action suspended the effects of the election, but that the vote should continue. He threatened to remove the ticket if a new election was scheduled.
The vote, after analysis by the board of directors, returned. From that moment on, those who removed the plates were Julio Bant, Jorge Salgado and Alexandre Campello.

Fight outside, discussion inside and blackout

Minutes after the suspension was announced, a fight between supporters of different slates broke out on the outskirts of São Januário. Private security guards reported shots and the exit gate of the voting gym was closed.

Leven Siano and Campello discuss Vasco's election - Reproduction - Reproduction
Image: Reproduction

After all the confusion, Leven Siano and Alexandre Campello had a sharp discussion in the voting gym. In his word of mouth, the “Somamos” candidate uttered phrases like “they lost the election and are appealing”, “if you are male, open the ballot box and count the votes”, and “you came in fourth, with the machine in the hand. Be ashamed “. The current president, who is seeking re-election, responded with “You are repressed” and “you want the stage”.

Campello left the polling place and, shortly after, the gym lights were turned off. The final steps of the board were made under the luminosity of cell phones.

Vasco's election ended with gym without light - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte
Image: Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte

And now?

In view of the situation, the initial intention of the board of directors was to seal the ballot boxes and leave them in this way until further judicial decision. We added and Aqui é Vasco decided to open the polls and count the votes.

Vasco's election counted votes despite a court decision that suspended the election - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte
Image: Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte

During the early hours of the morning, the poll showed that Leven Siano was the candidate with the most votes, followed by Jorge Salgado. Leven said he would seek to overturn that injunction and legitimize his victory tomorrow in court.

The suspension of justice caused different legal interpretations. President of the General Assembly, Faues Cherene Jassus, Mussa, believes that, with the decision, his old injunction that he had obtained again, which motivated him to release an official note stating that he will speak with the candidates to hold a new election in the next saturday (14) 100% online. The political actors who remained at the São Januário gymnasium after the suspension understood that the injunction did not decide on the format of the new election, only on its postponement until November 14th.


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